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Try It Lacrosse Feb 10 2022

Farmington Youth Lacrosse Association is pleased to offer a FREE try lacrosse session on
February 10 th , 2022 for both girls and boys. Come find out why lacrosse is the nation’s fastest
growing sport! Farmington’s youth lacrosse program is one of the top programs in the state of
This year’s try lacrosse event is special in that the board has received a grant that includes 30
FREE USLAX memberships for new athletes that decide to register for the 2022 Farmington
Youth Lacrosse Association season at the try lacrosse event. The value of the USLAX
membership is valued at $30. Board members will be present at this try lacrosse event to
answer any questions you have. No equipment is needed aside tennis shoes and a water
bottle. The event will be held at Farmington High School with the girls’ session occurring from
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM and the boys’ session taking place from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. FHS Varsity
Girls Head Coach Steph LaVictorie and FHS Varsity Boys Head Coach Mitch Grengs will coach
the sessions. We look forward to seeing your athlete at this event to learn more about this
great sport. GO TIGERS!