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Tiger Home Field

Farmington High School Fields
20655 Flagstaff Ave
Farmington, MN 55024


Field Use Hotline

Call the community Ed hotline number 651-460-3299 to check if we are allowed to use the fields in the event of excessive wet weather.


Visitor and Guests,

Please park in the designated High School parking lot when attending Lacrosse Practices and Games.  

Cars parked along side the North and South entrance roads will be ticketed

Farmington High School Fields

Farmington High School Fields

We have awesome facilities and boast some of the best fields available for Lacrosse:

  • 8 Total practice fields in front of the High school.
    • Complete with irrigation, some of the best grass on the fields in the South Metro!
    • We sport two porta-potties and take great pride in the cleanliness of them!  -- If the sanitizer is out, we'll refund your parking (but parking is free anyways, so that's kind of just a carrot to make you enjoy the porta-potties)
    • Fields are lined with Girls and Boys lines for optimal gameplay!
    • Cows next door Moo loudly when the crowd cheers... check it out, they really do add to the ambiance.  
  • 1 Stadium turf field in the Stadium alongside the High School
    • Great stadium seating complete with aluminum benching that is assured to cause your bottom to hurt after sitting for long periods.
    • Tiger eyes off on the school is really awesome but makes away teams scared... sure to freak out any away team playing here.
    • Beautiful turf field... Edina would be jealous... that's how nice it is.

Traveling to join us?:  Use the address above, and if you feel like you are out in the middle of no-where and there are just random farming fields nearby, you are really close.