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Boys Ref Training

Please visit the website linked below for information on the referee association and the training available.  Also, take a look at the attached document for the referee training schedule.   

New youth officials (working eighth-grade and lower games) complete 9 hours of classroom training, and new high-school level officials complete 16 hours of classroom training. All new officials have the opportunity to complete on-field training as well.

Girls Umpire Training

Girls Lacrosse referees are called Umpires.

PAY: Umpires get paid according to the following schedule for officiating youth games (5th through 8th grades)

  • MLUA Certified Refs: $65 if only one ref, $50 each if two refs are on the field
  • Trained Local Refs: $50 if only one ref, $35 each if two refs are on the field.  These are experienced but not certified
  • Apprentice: $25 fee – these new refs should never be doing a game alone
  • Pay increases for higher levels of play, High School, Collegiate, Elite, etc.. 

Any questions, please feel free to reply back to this email or ask a fellow MLUA umpire you know for more information.
Thanks  & I hope you're excited about girls lacrosse!
Julie  Carlson
MLUA Girls Lacrosse Assignor
USL Regional Chair